If I perceive the single payment and I goes wrong in the new activity that emprendo, could return to collect unemployment and I descontaría what has already received?

In the event that you have paid the full amount of contributory benefit, either in a single payment, either in monthly payments for the subsidy of Social security contributions, it is considered that the provision is exhausted. Although it was in low in the activity undertaken, would not be entitled to perceive it again.

In the event that he was not paying the full contributory benefit and a remnant, you can resume the provision pending perceive once a time has elapsed equivalent to that would have earned provision if not capitalized, i.e., if any perceived by instalments.

You can resume, provided you adhere to the rest of requirements, under the following circumstances:

  • If self-employment has been less than 24 months, remain indifferent that has been discharged as a person employed woman within any of the Social security schemes.
  • Si la duración del trabajo por cuenta propia ha sido superior a 24 months and less than 60 months and justifies have been discharged as worker self employed in the special regime of Social security of self-employed or self-employed or in the special regime of seafarers.

In the above cases, when the activity, you can resume unemployment benefit upon request. If the presented within 15 days after cessation in self-employment, the right to draw is obtained from the day following the cessation.

If after the cessation in self-employment, is entitled to protection by cessation of activity you can choose between perceive this or reopen unemployment benefit suspended. If you choose to the previous delivery, contributions that have led to the new provision (which has not chosen) could not be taken into account for access to a benefit later.