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How much can I receive as a Social Security contribution subsidy and what documents should I provide?

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The amount that you can obtain monthly to subsidize Social Security contributions is fixed, it is calculated with the amount of the full contribution to Social Security for the first month of the activity as a self-employed person, or as a member of a cooperative or labor company. or commercial.

If that month of work is not complete, the amount that corresponds to the entire monthly payment is calculated. Therefore, when you receive the communication from the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) approving your right, you must provide the documentation indicated below so that the monthly amount of the Social Security contribution subsidy can be calculated:

  • If you are a self-employed person (self-employed): the stamped contribution bulletin for the first month of activity and/or bank receipt of having deposited the amount in a financial institution.
  • If you join the General Regime or another Social Security regime as an employed person: the payroll for the first month of work.

You must bear in mind that if you have requested and received the benefit in the single payment modality and the fee subsidy, you must present proof of the investment and the start of the activity.

In the cases mentioned above, when you cease activity, you will be able to resume unemployment benefits upon request. If you present it within 15 business days following the cessation of self-employment, the right to payment will arise from the day following the cessation.

If, after cessation of self-employment, you are entitled to protection due to cessation of activity, you will be able to choose between receiving this or reopening the suspended unemployment benefit. If you opt for the previous benefit, the contributions that gave rise to the new benefit (which you have not chosen) cannot be taken into account for access to a subsequent benefit.