How can I collect as subsidy of Social security contributions and what must I supply documents?

The amount that monthly can get to subsidize the Social security contributions is fixed, it is estimated with the amount of the Full contribution to Social security of the first month of the activity as autonomous or independent, or as a partner or partners or cooperative work or commercial society.

If this month's work was not complete it calculates the amount that corresponds to the entire instalment. Therefore, when you receive the communication of public service state employment (SEPE) approving its right, you must provide the documentation indicated below to calculate the monthly amount of the grant of Social security contributions:

  • If you are a person employed woman (autonomous or autonomous): the price of the first month of activity sealed and/or family name having entered their amount in a financial entity.
  • If she joins the General Regime or other Social security system as a worker employed: the payroll of the first month of work.

Should bear in mind that in the case of having requested and received the provision in the form of single payment and the quotas, should submit proof of investment and the start of the activity.

En los casos citados anteriormente, cuando cese la actividad, podrá reanudar la prestación por desempleo previa solicitud. Si la presenta en el plazo de 15 days after cessation in self-employment, the right to draw is obtained from the day following the cessation.

If after the cessation in self-employment, has the right to protection for cessation of activity you can choose between perceive this or reopen unemployment benefit suspended. If you choose to the previous delivery, contributions that have led to the new provision (which has not chosen) could not be taken into account for access to a benefit later.