This month i began working full time and cobré unemployment but not my job, what should i do?

When any situation involving the loss or interruption of the collection of a benefit or unemployment benefit (for example a placement or transfer abroad), you must send a notification to the employment bureau.

In these cases you drew up until the day prior to which there has been the case that cut the payment.

If thou hadst claimed or would you entered your current account, the provision for amounts above the applicable or you for a period of time that you should not be cashed in, the public employment service Estatal (SEPE) will notify you will inform you of the occasion of the wrongful receipt of that amount, whereas and you shall account for the return.

You can communicate the situation caused by your low in the provision (placement, retirement …) the SEPE:

  • The Internet, www.sepe.esif you have digital certificate, electronic identity card or username and password cl@ve.
  • Obtained telephone for citizenship.
  • In the employment office from his home, upon request of the Web cit.