If i am unemployed and the company chooses to my readmission after declaring a tried my wrongful dismissal, what happens with what i have cashed-out of unemployment?

When your company, within five days from notification of sentence, was elected, shall without readmitirle wages that has ceased to collect from the date of dismissal to notification of sentence (the shall fix the judgement itself by declaring its invalidity or irreceivability).

The employer or she must apply the Social security from the date of dismissal or termination initial and contribute to Social security for the period.

The amounts notice for unemployment benefits shall be considered through no fault of improper to you. The company will accede to the Public employment service Estatal (SEPE) (net benefit paid) and subtracted from the wages earned, you did not and that he must pay, with the limit of the sum of the same.

If the SEPE is satisfied that the company deposited at the courthouse salaries pending receipt by you and for that reason that this has not been able to deduce from the same benefits unduly paid to you, required the return of such benefits.

If the amount perceived as unemployment benefit exceeds the salaries of the pipeline, the difference to receive is required to you.