I am unemployed and received a letter in which i am told that i have initiated a punitive procedure for reneging on my duty and a temporary restraining order of payment. What should i do?

If you do not agree with the offence which is reported in the charter and the proposal for punishment, to submit in the employment bureau a notice of claims.

For submission has a period of fifteen working days from the day after the communication from the punishment and can submit the documents it sees fit to support their allegations.

Subsequently, the public employment service Estatal (SEPE) will issue a resolution recognizing or not such allegations.

Against this resolution, may provide a statement of claim upon within a month since the notification of that resolution.

Finally, if it is not in accordance with the resolution of the claim, may file a complaint with the Social court.

In the case of agree since the beginning with the offence and the proposal of punishment, may allow a period of fifteen working days mentioned in the first paragraph without presenting allegations and wait for the end of the procedure by administrative decision.

For more information: Obligations, infractions and sanctions.