¿Qué estructura debe tener un fichero XML de comunicación de periodos de actividad, certificado de cese de relación laboral o altas de prestaciones afectadas por ERE o ERTE?

There are four types of XML file structure for communications to public service state employment (SEPE):

to) XML File of periods of activity.

(b) communication XML File Certificate of cessation.

(c) communication XML File high benefits for file of regulation of employment.

d) XML File notice of data on collective redundancies, suspension of contracts and reduced hours (or ZIGORRIK procedures ERTE *).

The implementation Certific@ 2 offers the possibility to create these files XML with the help of a wizard depending on the type of file that seeks to send (data from periods of activity, data of business certificate or high data allowance or ZIGORRIK ERTE).

Important note: to execute any of the three assistants, it is necessary to have installed in the computer equipment the latest version of JAVA. instructions for how to install it are accessible from the button at the bottom left of this page (right below the wizard of company certificates).

In the main menu of the application Certific@ 2 within the option Helps XML, the user will have the description of each of the files, being detailed in each of the manuals:

    • User Manual of periods of activity. (PDF - 1 , 57 Mb)
    • User Manual of business certificate of Cessation. (PDF - 1 , 63 Mb)
    • User Manual of high benefits for You are. (PDF - 1 , 45 Mb)
    • User Manual ZIGORRIK procedure. (PDF - 2 , 60 Mb) (*)
    • Last version – XSD Schemes

(*) Or ZIGORRIK procedures ERTE refers to the previous communication data on collective redundancies, suspension of contracts and reduction of day.

Moreover in the same direction has available an environment for sending files XML in evidence and the possibility to clarify doubts or consult through the mailbox of the application Certific@ 2 .

If the file does not correspond to the structure that marks the SEPE application sends the following error message: The file is not sent the schema XML published in our website, indicating line, column and tag which has detected the error.