If unemployment allowance or charging and my family situation changes does the change to the benefits?

If the number of dependent sons or daughters changes while you receive unemployment benefit, it could affect its amount, since it would be necessary to review the minimum and maximum limits of said amount. If your spouse's situation changes, it does not affect your unemployment benefit.

If you are receiving unemployment benefits and there is a change in the situation of the people who make up your family unit (including your spouse) for various reasons (employment or unemployment, birth or death, among others), it may affect the maintenance of the benefit. If to access to your benefit you had to demonstrate family responsibilities, or it may even mean a change in the type of subsidy you receive if you go from having no burdens to having them in the twelve months following the event that caused the unemployment benefit.

It is very important to communicate to the SEPE any changes that occur in the number of members of your family unit and in the economic or employment situation of those who make it up so that the new situation can be reviewed and the necessary adjustments made (for example, a change in the amount of the benefit or the temporary reduction in the subsidy due to loss of requirements).

If you are receiving a subsidy and you do not communicate the variations, it could cause you significant harm, since if they were detected, and as a consequence of them, you were improperly receiving that subsidy, a sanctioning procedure for serious infringement would be initiated that could end with the extinction of the subsidy.