May I take the following a low unemployment?

If you abandon work on a voluntary basis, you cannot receive the unemployment because according to legal regulations, in order to draw an unemployment allowance that is necessary in the work had not taken place in a voluntary basis, because the system of protection against unemployment by working people who are willing and able to work but do not have employment.

If you subsequently in a new company and again cesas not to overcome the trial period by decision of the entrepreneur or entrepreneurs, and not more than three months since cesaste voluntarily in the former company you entitled to unemployment benefit. However, it can receive this benefit if the termination of the second business agenda is due to a different reason not to exceed the trial period (for example if cesas for completion of the contract) regardless of how much time has elapsed since the date of the previous voluntary severance.

If after cease twice for not overcome the trial period at the request of the entrepreneur, iniciaras a new working group, which also cesaras at the request of the employer not to overcome the trial period, Only you can receive unemployment benefits if since the second stop not overcome the trial period until the third and final cessation, had been three months.