Do i have to go personally to apply for unemployment benefit or subsidy? Do i have to request an appointment?

To request an unemployment allowance is a personal duty. you can apply through worldbridge Site of the public employment service Statewhenever available digital certificate, electronic identity card or username and password Cl@ve.

You can also apply in person in the office of benefits that applicable according to his home, upon request quotation via the Internetor call “ telephone.

To make the request by means of a representative, must prove that representation by any valid means in law which record, or credible through its statement on personal appearance.

The administrative procedural law also allows application in the records of any administrative body that belong to the General state administration, of their autonomous community, to some of the constituent entities of the Local Administration, post offices, in the diplomatic or consular offices of Spain abroad, or in any other record established by law.

Should bear in mind that in order to draw unemployment benefit, it is necessary to be registered or registered as a jobseeker. For inscription, you must go personally to the employment bureau of the autonomous community or of Ceuta and Melilla him according to their home.