Proper placement

Is understood by gluing:

  • The profession sued by the worker before public employment services.
  • The profession usually played.
  • Another profession that conforms to physical skills and training of the individual applicant.
  • The profession played in last place if lasted at least three months.

However, if the beneficiary has noticed a benefit for a year continuously, gluing any profession that public employment services create timely.

Moreover, will be suitable the job offer if your workplace is located in the same location of their habitual residence or, at most, 30 Km away, without the moves miento suponga el 25 % the length of the working day or 20 % monthly wage, unless you have suitable accommodation.

The placement to offer the worker means adequate taking into account the duration of work (temporarily or indefinitely) or the day (full or part-time). In addition, this will be suitable placement if the wage is the equivalent to the jobs offered, regardless of the amount of benefit entitlement to the worker or social collaborative work.

The salary must correspond to post to play and not be less than minimum wage discounted travel costs.

The application of these criteria will take into account the circumstances professional, personal and family of the beneficiary, as well as the length of work or of the day, the itinerary of insertion and means of transport.

Reject a job offer adequate, either offered by public employment services or any placement agencies without profit, except justified cause, is cause for the competent body initiate a punitive procedure by serious offence.

This procedure may impose the loss of three months of rendering the first time that is committed serious violations, six months the second time and loss of every right if there is a third serious offence. For these assumptions of recidivism is not necessary that the default is always the same type (in this case, reject job offer suitable). Apply this scale from the first offence (regardless of the type of infraction), when a grave breach and the previous have not been over 365 days.