If you want to apply high initiallisting of insufficient must make the following documentation:

  • The official form correctly filled in application, which incorporates the statement of income of the applicant and the families with those who live or dependants, in his case. As well as data for the direct debit, the agreement of activity and the authorization of request for information to the AEAT (national tax administration agency).
  • If the public employment service required to do so by State, it should submit the proof of income.

In all cases, in order to certify the legal situation of unemployment:

  • Company certificate if he has not been previously sent to the public employment service.

In the case of people cross-border workers:

  • Certified extract CASS points or Working life.
  • Letter of dismissal.
  • The employment contract.
  • Certificate of the enterprise or employer indicating cessation involuntary labour activity in Andorra.

In addition to the general documentation (certificate of company), will have to provide a further documentation, according to their situation:

If you have lost a full-time work and maintains another part-time:

  • Proof of income of the work that remains.

If you have lost-time work and maintains another part-time:

  • Proof of income of the work that remains.

If you later loses part-time work that it had:

  • Company certificate of the past 180 days preceding the loss of first-time work, in the case that he is not in the public employment service.

If it contested the dismissal:

  • Act of conciliation or judicial, administrative or judicial decision or order of choice for compensation, or termination in case of irregular readmission by declared terminated the employment relationship.

If it has severed the activity of a bullfighter or coach:

  • The contract of work of the Last action.

Note:The bullfighters wants will not provide comprehensive documentation (certificate of company) for lack of it.

If you have stopped working as domestic worker:
Comunicación escrita de la persona empleadora, debiendo constar de modo claro e inequívoco:

  • The will of the person of employer terminated the employment relationship
  • Why is extinguished the employment relationship.

If you have ceased in a company having requested voluntary redundancy in another old:

If the duration of leave is already over when applying for unemployment benefit or was not provided for a minimum period of duration of leave granted, should provide written of the company stating that cannot resume the same.

  • Writing not to re-entry to the company.

If trade representative:

  • Company certificate if he has not been previously sent to the public employment service.

If you do not have the certificate of company of the latter company in which he has worked:

  • Certification of receipt of Social security contributions.

If she was a member or partner coooperativista:

  • In the event of termination by economic, technological or force majeure: certification of the labour department noting those cases.

In case of termination or suspension of the employment relationship of victims of domestic violence or sexual violence:

  • Proof of the victim of gender violence or sexual violence by order of protection or report of the public prosecutor or the certification of the Social Services by the competent authority or at the reception centre, by judicial decision.

If you have worked in a foreign country:

  • Upon returning from a country member of the european Union or of the european economic area:
    • Form Or 1 or E- 301 .
    • In the case of migrants in Switzerland, certificate of the labour corps that country or form Or 1 .
    • In the case of emigrants from Australia, liaison Form.
  • Upon returning from a country that is not a member of the European Union or the european economic area, or with the lack of the convention on protection for unemployment::

In the latter two cases:

  • If when we get back to spain works:
    • Company certificate if he has not been previously sent to the public employment service.
  • If when we get back to Spain does not work:
    • Company certificate if he has not been previously sent to the public employment service.

If it is released or released from jail:

As appropriate:

  • Prison:
    • Certification of the penitentiary management of the release after pre-trial detention, for serving a sentence or probation, as well as the dates of detention and release.
  • The centre of alcohol dependency:
    • Certification of the centre of alcohol dependency.
    • Adjudication of a suspension of sentence.
    • Adjudication of remission of sentence.

In any case:

In recent 6 years has worked part-time earlier Last cessation and has not gained any provision for them:

  • Contracts of the past 6 years of work part-time.

If the grant by insufficient requested a quotation without family responsibilities:

  • The person concerned must be justified only in his case, the revenue obtained in the month preceding the application.

If the contributory allowance insufficient requested in family responsibilities:

For the justification of family responsibilities:

  • Proof of income obtained in the month preceding the application by their spouse and/or sons and daughters who has been entered in the application.

If your spouse and/or sons and daughters do not reside in spain and are working:

  • Form Or 0006 or E- 302 for countries members of the european union or European Economic Area or with that convention on protection by unemployment (switzerland or austria).
  • Certification of the consular or embassy of spain in the country of residence, or certification of the authorized body in that country on the employment of spouses and children, for countries not members of the European Union or European Economic Area, or there is no convention on protection by unemployment.
  • Official family record book or certification of the Civil registration of births or family. In the case of foreign document equivalent to those mentioned above, with official translation into english.

If you have children or daughters of 26 with disabilities:

  • Certificate of the degree of disability issued by the IMSERSO or an organ of the Autonomous Community concerned, the ministry of finance and Public Function or defence policy that recognizes a retirement or disability retirement permanent service or futility.

If you have accepted under:

  • Court decision or written formalization of placement containing the consent of the public Entity in each territory has vested the protection of minors and date of effect of the placement.

In the event of separation or divorce:

  • Ruling and/or settlement containing the amount of maintenance for the sons and daughters and spousal maintenance.