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Compatibility subsidies for those aged 52 years with the employed workforce

The general rule is that, if it is taking an unemployment allowance and work starts employed full time, we will suspend the payment of the grant and at the end of the contract can those possibilities:

  • If the contract has lasted less than 360 days, may request the resumption of the subsidy was interrupted.
  • But if has been no further contracts since the beginning of the grant and between these contracts and the just ended meets a minimum of 360 days, or if the contract lasts 360 or more days, must request a provision of level of contributors rather than the resumption of the grant has stopped, because the contributory unemployment benefit is a priority.

Despite the foregoing, there is the exception set out below:

May make compatible, in general, unemployment benefits with the employed workforce persons unemployed workers over 52 years enrolled in the employment offices, beneficiaries of any grant, provided that they are employed full-time, indefinitely or temporary, in which case, the duration of the contract must exceed three months.

In this case, and for the time of the contract, the company completed the amount shall be received by the individual worker until the amount of wages that due to the same and, in turn, the company cotizará to Social security for all contingencies and the total salary, including the amount of the grant.

Not supported this assumption of compatibility with the contract of insertion, with the contract subsidized by the public employment service under the State programme for the promotion of Agricultural Employment contracts or with managerial functions of a company or in relation to members of the administration of the entities or enterprises of the legal form of society.

The contracting company should not have authorized a dossier in employment regulations of termination, suspension or reduced working hours, or having been recruited or engaged in the past 12 months.

The enterprise or employer, persons who hold management posts or members of the organs of administration of the company, cannot be used as or his spouse or their relatives to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity.

Although recruitment has effects of the request of the compatibility, the company or you must submit the contract in the office of benefits. If you verify that all the requirements will be transmitted to you and your company a communication from the resolution approving the convention, which i will resume the payment of the grant from the date of placement, reducing its level at 50 per cent.

If the work he has given rise to the compatibility is obliged to change their normal place of residence, it may request in the document annexed to the contract, the payment of three months in a single allowance payment.

In the case of termination of work, and provided it does not meet the requirements of access to the contributory unemployment benefit, nor exhausted the duration of the grant, to maintain their perception the individual worker shall report the cessation of employment office within the 15 days of the same and reactivate the agreement of activity, obtaining, provided that the requirements for that purpose, this allowance for the total amount; in that event will be considered as part of the spent half of the period of the allowance compatibilizó with work.

Non-communication in the loss of so many days of allowance as between the day following the cessation of work and the day of your communication.

Align may also voluntarily unemployment allowance for persons casual included Agricultural Special Social security, regulated by royal decree 5 / 1997 , 10 january, with the employed workforce, unemployed workers over 52 years enrolled in the employment offices and beneficiaries of this grant.