Compatibility subsidies over 52 years with employment

The general rule establishes that if it is gaining an unemployment allowance and work begins employed full time, is interrupted grant fertilizer and at the end of the contract can be these possibilities:

  • If the contract has lasted less than 360 days, you can request the resumption of the grant was aborted.
  • But if you have had more contracts since the allowance and between these contracts and which has just finished meets a minimum of 360 days, or if the contract lasts 360 or more days, you must request a provision of contributory level instead of the resumption of the grant has interrupted, because the contributory unemployment benefit is a priority.

Notwithstanding the above, there is the exception that shown below:

May reconcile, in general, unemployment benefits with employment the unemployed workers over 52 years enrolled in employment offices, beneficiaries of any grant, provided that they are employed full time, indefinitely or temporary, in which case, the duration of the contract must be longer than three months.

Is not supported this assumption compatibility with the contract of insertion, with the contract subsidized by the public employment service State under the programme of Agricultural employment or contracts to positions of a company or members of the governing bodies of entities or companies that are the legal form of society.

The contracting company should not have authorized a dossier employment regulation of extinction, suspension or reduction of day, or having maintained hired or contracted in the last twelve months.

The entrepreneur or businessman, people managers or members of the governing bodies of the company, cannot be neither his or her spouse or relatives to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity.

Although the recruitment has effects of application of compatibility, the company or you must submit the contract recorded in the office of benefits. If you verify compliance with all requirements shall be provided to you and your company a communication from the approbatory resolution, by which he will resume payment of the grant from the date of the placement, reducing the amount 50 %.

If the work which causes the compatibility will oblige change their place of habitual residence may apply in document annexed to the contract, payment of three months of subsidy in a single payment.

In the case of stop work, and provided that does not meet the requirements of access to contributory unemployment benefit, nor has exhausted the duration of the grant, to maintain their perception the worker must communicate termination of the employment office within 15 days of the same and reactivate the commitment of activity, obtaining, provided that meet the requirements to the effect, this allowance for the total amount; in this case will be considered as period consumed the right half of the period in which the subsidy compatibilizó with work.

The term communication not imply the loss of so many days of subsidy as mediate between the day after the cessation at work and the day of your communication.

Align may also voluntarily unemployment benefit for people casual workers included in the Agricultural Special System of Social security, regulated by the Royal Decree 5 / 1997 , 10 January, with employment, the unemployed workers over 52 years enrolled in employment offices and beneficiaries allowance.