Payment of unemployment benefits

Payment of hazard allowance and unemployment will be achieved through the payment in entering your financial institution which, if you are the same.

The financial entity selected should be a partner with Social security (see here the list of partners).

Exceptionally, the public employment service Estatal (SEPE) allows the cash payment by the financial entity collaborator in the following cases, provided that they are duly justified:

  • Where there are any circumstances, and only while this is maintained, that prevent the SEPE, in a given time, enter the provision in your account.
  • When the person claiming worker and justify any personal circumstances in which by this may cause some serious damage. The SEPE may take or not the causes that you have indicated.

The personal circumstances that could be admit are as follows:

    • To be a victim of gender violence or domestic violence, or appear in a situation that needed special protection, in order to preserve the identity and security of persons affected. These situations are justified with the document provided by the Competent authority, except that it would be duly justified in the file.
    • When the person to claim any worker cannot open a current account.
    • Where the individual worker has authorized by the SEPE payment for receipt and the causes that indicated for this authorization appear justified in the file.