Youth guarantee is a European initiative whose objective is to ensure that young people between 16 and 29 years can receive a job offer, continuing education or a period of practices after finishing formal education or be unemployed.

In any case, Youth Guarantee in Spain presents a comprehensive approach, preventive and early treatment to help facilitate improved employability and integration into the labour market of young people.

Young people between 16 and 29 years that are not in a position to study or train or work or self-employment, as they are one of the population groups with more difficult access to employment at this time and it is, therefore, a group of very heterogeneous population that includes both young people with low qualifications as highly qualified young people.

  • Tener nacionalidad española o ser ciudadanos de la Unión o de los Estados parte del Acuerdo Económico Europeo o Suiza que se encuentren en España en ejercicio de la libre circulación y residencia. También podrán inscribirse los extranjeros titulares de una autorización para residir en territorio español que habilite para trabajar, así como los menores no acompañados que aporten una Acreditación de los Servicios de Protección de Menores de la Comunidad Autónoma que justifique individualmente el acceso, mediante la inscripción, a actividades o programas de educación o formación que redunden en su beneficio.
  • Be registered in any location of the national territory.
  • Have more than 16 years and below 30 years.
  • No haber trabajado en el día natural anterior a la fecha de presentación de la solicitud.
  • No haber recibido acciones educativas en el día natural anterior a la fecha de presentación de la solicitud.
  • No haber recibido acciones formativas en el día natural anterior a la fecha de presentación de la solicitud.
  • Presentar una declaración expresa de tener interés en participar en el Sistema Nacional de Garantía Juvenil, adquiriendo un compromiso de participación activa en las actuaciones que se desarrollen en el marco de la Garantía Juvenil. En el caso de los demandantes de empleo bastará con su inscripción en los servicios públicos de empleo.

Una vez que el interesado se ha dado de alta en el sistema podrá recibir ofertas del catálogo de actuaciones a través de su Comunidad Autónoma, la Administración General del Estado, las entidades que colaboran en la gestión del European Social Fund or companies seeking to apply any of the incentives provided under the rules so as to the employment of young people.

While Youth Guarantee applies throughout the national territory and their access will be on equal terms for all youth focus, with special dedication to those who are at a disadvantage and/or risk of social exclusion, Autonomous Communities play a decisive role since it is a system whose success depends on good coordination among the different administrations. For this reason, it has created a commission among the General administration of the state and the Autonomous Communities for coordination, evaluation and monitoring of Youth guarantee system.

Furthermore, in accordance with the ministry of work, migrations and Social security, may introduce, within the scope of its competences, specific mechanisms for registration and coordination mechanisms to know the actions that are being carried out in its territory.

To be admitted to Youth Guarantee must fulfil the requirements set and access The file system Youth Guarantee to register.

Access with certificate or electronic DNI

The easiest and quickest way to access the file is via DNI electronic, electronic certificate recognized or other means to establish criteria and are available for use by users.

To get information

Also the Chambers of commerce emit the digital certificate.

Access an assisted basis

In the event that there is no available DNI electronic or Digital Certificate the registration application can be done with the help of specialized personnel through:

  • Room of chambers of commerce Only introducing the DNI. In these offices concerned will be provided with free of charge a Digital certificate, which may also use for future efforts, and may be formalize the application for registration with the support of qualified personnel.

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  • Facilities and services of the network SIKH (youth information Services) Only introducing the DNI. In coordination with INJUVE in these offices concerned will be provided with the activation code for access to the system via username and password, and will formalize the application for registration with the support of qualified personnel.

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Access via the system Cl@ve

It is a common platform for the identification, authentication and electronic signature, an interoperable system and horizontal avoids public administrations have to implement and manage their own and identification systems signature, and citizens have to use different methods of identification to interact electronically with the administration. Access Cl@ve

Registration with username and password

Puedes iniciar tu inscripción en el Sistema Nacional de Garantía Juvenil cumplimentando el web form.

Once replying some questions that allow us to prove your identity, you can then fill in your request for registration. During the process, you will be asked a password that you can use to enter your profile of guarantee Juvenil on future occasions. If you have already password, click here.

Other forms of access

The registration is due to perform via telematic in all cases except for those persons with disabilities recognized equal to or greater than 33 % and/or who are at risk of social exclusion with the certificate which credited.

These people may be registered through the introduction of form in the attached registration offices the General administration of the state and the Autonomous Communities and entities laid down in Article 16 . 4 Law 39 / 2015 , 1 October, administrative procedure common of public administrations.

Likewise, the registration or renewal as a jobseeker in a public employment service implies registration in the national system of Youth Guarantee if they meet the requirements.

Once you have submitted an application for registration by any axis mentioned above, it will check the requirements through consultation with relevant agencies such as the General Treasury of Social security or the General direction of Police. This is an administrative procedure that requires a certain amount of time, which is intended to guarantee the maximum that the information is correct, since the figure registered in Security Juvenil, a person can benefit from actions contemplated within programs that have specific economic allocation, such as the European Social Fund.

After obtaining the answer to such consultations, will be the corresponding resolution bearing as date of effect from the application for registration. Currently, the average time resolution is around three or four days, from the moment when it ends the registration application correctly, without prejudice that may exist specific issues that extend this process.

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