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European Labour authority (ELA)

The European Labour Authority (in english, European Labour Authority, ELA) is the european union body responsible for coordinating and supporting the implementation of the european labour Law, ensuring that eu rules on labour mobility and coordination of social security are applied in a fair and effective. The European Bureau for the coordination of EURES (ECO) is integrated into It.

ELA provides information through:


The chapter on employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) of the european Social fund Plus (ESF +) has a budget of 762 millions of euros.

As part of the esf + has the same objectives that the ESF + with the european pillar of social rights as the main framework.

The main political priorities which focuses EaSI are:

1 ) employment and skills,

2 ) labour markets and labour mobility,

3 ) social protection and inclusion and active

4 ) working conditions

To offset the shortcomings of the labour market and develop an integrated labour market in the eu finances associations and cross-border services in cross-border regions, as well as specific plans for mobility across the eu with a view to fill the vacancies they occur imbalances in the labour market.

Digital Single Gateway

Single Digital Gateway is a single digital gateway within the framework of the eu that allows citizens and companies access to information, procedures and appropriate assistance and resolution of problems with regard to the rules of the european and national standards. Implementing acts are under development.


ESCO (European Skills, Competencies, Qualifications and Occupations) is the classification of multilingual european capabilities, competencies, qualifications and occupations.