The EURES PEM is to assist the citizenship of the eu need personalized assistance in finding a job, an apprenticeship or vocational training in another eu country, norway or iceland, and to help companies to find qualified and motivated staff.

The EURES PEM provides support for job seekers to overcome the challenges of working abroad. It can provide grants for specific purposes and to finance the language courses, the recognition of qualifications and the costs of travel and subsistence.


  • Over 18 years.
  • Nationals of a state member of the eu, norway or Iceland.
  • Third-country nationals legally resident in a state member of the eu, norway or Iceland.


  • All companies formed legamente/organizations in the eu member states, iceland and norway, regardless of their size or economic sector.
  • Meet tax obligations and labour laws applicable in countries where scattered.
  • Jobs, internships and training of apprentices
  • Located in a state member of the eu, iceland or Norway.
  • Compliance with labour legislation and social protection and guarantee adequate protection of employees and apprentices or trainees (social security, health insurance and accident insurance, etc.)
  • Ensure remuneration (wages) and a contractual relationship in writing.
  • Have a minimum period of six months for jobs and apprenticeships or three months in the case of practices.
  • Working hours must be at least 50 % of full time.


Direct financial support:

  • Displacement to interview (travel, accommodation and daily subsistence allowance according to the distance and time).
  • Realization of a language course.
  • Installation in the new country.
  • Aid to the displacement of families.
  • Recognition of professional qualifications.
  • Additional allocation for the relocation of candidates with special needs or outermost regions of the Eu.
  • Daily subsistence allowance for workers and apprentices.

Other support measures

  • Preparatory training (language training or other training need before leaving or upon arrival).
  • Support through the provision of tutorials.
  • A welcome service in the country of destination.


Direct financial support

  • The integration programme for persons newly recruited in the company (introductory vocational training or language courses).

The request for assistance to labour mobility EURES has to be done through a counsellor/EURES to their province.

You can locate them to the counsellor/EURES to his province here.

We must seek assistance before the start of the activity and prior to departure.

In this procedure the trustees/as EURES of Spain acting as intermediaries.


The german programme EURES TMS supports and is aimed at:

  • Workers with Germany as a destination country.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMES) in germany.
  • Seeking work throughout europe.
  • People who are particularly affected by unemployment and pandemic COVID- 19 (as persons with disabilities, artists, single-parent families, unemployed persons who receive no training - NEETS).

The Specific Plans of german Mobility also facilitate the professional mobility and integration of workers in europe. Through these plans are supporting and helping both to individuals who are seeking jobs and companies that employ workers.


EURES - Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) (A specific Plan of EURES Mobility – PEM) promotes professional mobility in another eu country, norway and iceland.

EURES- TMS provides jobseekers and employers in the eu a set of specific services to find a job, a placement or a learning opportunity as well as to find workers motivated and qualified.


Targeted Mobility Scheme facilitates the removal, labour and employment in Europe.

TMS are Specific Plans of mobility of the eu whose objective is to bring employers with vacancies difficult to cover with qualified candidates in the whole of europe. Target groups are job-seekers aged 18 years and employers from one eu country, norway or Iceland. Are valid until the end of may 2022 .

The objective of the european Solidarity is to create opportunities for young people to work as volunteers or collaborate in projects that benefit the communities and citizens throughout Europe.

The european Solidarity is based on a register of young people who have been stated its interest in participating in projects of solidarity and that they accept and defend the objectives and principles of european Solidarity.

You can find further information European Solidarity in the following link Institute of youth of Spain