Draft mobility aids EURES (Targeted Mobility Schemes – TMS, Your first EURES Job and REACTIVATE) are programs of the European commission to give financial support to citizens of the European Union (EU), or Norwegian Islandia seeking a job in a country of the HAT different from their residence; as well as companies interested in hiring workers from other countries of the HAT, Islandia or Norwegian.

The European Commission and EURES offer more information in:


  • Minimum age of 18 years.
  • Citizenship and legal residence of any member state of the HAT, Islandia or Norwegian.
  • Wishing to exercise labor mobility towards any of the aforementioned countries.


  • Companies and organizations legally incorporated in the member states of the HAT, Islandia and Norwegian.
  • Meet tax obligations and relevant labor laws in countries where they are formed.
  • SMEs can benefit from financial support.
  • Jobs and labour practices.
  • Job located in a member state of the HAT, Islandia Norwegian or other than their country of residence.
  • Offered with a minimum of six months or three months in the case of practice.
  • Minimum workday 50 %.


Financial support for expenses of:

  • Transfer to interview (travel, accommodation and subsistence according to distance and time).
  • Realization of a language course.
  • Installation in the new country.
  • Aid to the displacement of families.
  • Recognition of professional qualifications.
  • Additional provision for the relocation of candidates with special needs or outermost regions of the HAT.
  • Rate for workers and apprentices practices.

Other support measures

  • Preparatory training (language training or other need for training before exiting or upon arrival).
  • Support through the provision of tutorials.
  • A welcome service in the destination country.


Financial support (only for SMES)

  • Integration programme for those newly recruited in the company (introductory vocational or language courses).

Other support measures: advice EURES

  • In the management of offers.
  • En la búsqueda de personas candidatas idóneas en la UE, Noruega o Islandia.
  • In preparation for the arrival of new personnel.

To request mobility aids EURES must contact the Counselors/ace EURES of their province, who will inform you, advise and help during the process of subsidy processing.

It is necessary to handle the aloneness before the start of the activity, remains incompatible perform the same request to several projects.

You can locate the Counselors/ace EURES of their province here.

The goal of the European Body of solidarity is to create opportunities for young people to work as volunteers or collaborate on projects benefiting communities and citizens across Europe.

The Body of European Solidarity is based on a register of young people who have registered their interest in participating in projects of solidarity and that accept and defend the objectives and principles of the European Body of solidarity.

You can find more information about the European Body of solidarity in the following link of the institute of youth spain here.