Governance and boosting support policies for employment activation

COE network

Within the investment 5 the recovery Plan “Governance and boosting support policies for employment activation” are being carried out two lines of action to strengthen the governance of the national employment System:

  • The Network of public centres for counselling, support Entrepreneurship and innovation for employment (Red COE).
  • Pattern of continuous training of national employment System.

COE network

Red de Centros Públicos de Orientación, Emprendimiento Acompañamiento e Innovación para el Empleo

Within the framework of the recovery Plan transformation and Resilience (PRTR) is planned to set up a Network 20 Publiccounselling, accompaniment, enterprise and innovation for employment (Red COE).

Of 20 proposed,had been classified in the BOE 19 , once we have overcome the requirements Protocol for the establishment of the COEadopted by the LXXIX sectoral conference on employment and labour and in extraordinary session of the General council of the national employment System, madrid the day 28 april 2021 .

The centres will be COE spaces for innovation and experimentationfor the strengthening and integration of equal opportunities in the design, development and evolution of public policies of support for the activation for employment.

The Network COE will become a shared space of the national system of employment (SNE)for innovation and experimentation in overall guidance and entrepreneurship for employment, which will be fully operational by late 2023 .

New opportunities for employment in strategic sectors

From the centre of the COE state Network of contact with representative associations and leading strategic sectors of the state, with the aim of pooling the needs and opportunities posed by individual productive sector to promote innovative projects that promote employment. You have all the information in this link.

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Functions of the network COE

Pattern of continuous training of national employment System

Continuous training actions, based on identified training needs for staff of public employment services in order to improve their skills and enable more effective support persons users of such services.

Bearing in mind those training needs will be established a three-year plan ( 2021 - 2023 ) with the general approaches objectives and lines of action and correspondienes annual plans with specific content (referring training).