New Projects of territorial balance and equity

The rapid transformation of the digital economy and society has turned the digital skills in basic tools for taking advantage of opportunities offered by: new and accessible forms of communication and access to services, professional profiles and new business opportunities for companies to respond to global challenges, new possibilities of access to information, public services and economic activity.

Component 19

Investment 3 "Digital Skills for employment" component 19 National Plan of "Digital Capabilities (digital skills)", in which the public employment service participates actively as a State organ, includes performances managers qualification and advanced training aimed at employed and unemployed people to strengthen the current active employment policies, in particular a set of services and orientation programmes, employment and training for employment in the workplace aimed at improving the possibilities of access to employment, employed or self-employed, unemployed persons, maintenance of employment and career advancement for persons employed and the promotion of entrepreneurship and the social economy.

Procurement for the development of the itinerary of "digital literacy for women employed in the framework of Agricultural employment promotion (PROFEA)"

The service contract for digital literacy working people engaged in the framework of Agricultural employment promotion, PROFEA, in the SEPE Dossier: PA. 3 / 22

E-learning training of persons employed women and the Social economy through public technological platform

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