Traducción automática

El presente sitio Web está traducido a varias lenguas españolas oficiales en sus respectivos territorios, de conformidad con lo establecido en el artículo 3 de la Constitución Española de 1978 y sus Estatutos de Autonomía.

Las lenguas son el catalán, el euskera, gallego, valenciano, inglés y francés. Se advierte que, con carácter general, puede existir un desfase entre la versión en castellano y en las otras lenguas, derivado del proceso de traducción a las mismas.

Partner or partner of business entity

If you will have a professional activity as a partner or partner of a corporation which go to possess the effective control, which is starting or incorporated in the maximum period of twelve months preceding the application of the single payment scheme, giving you access to Social security as an individual self-employed woman, you can get up to the 100 % of the delivery of your remaining due to make a contribution to the social capital of this society, as well as to defray the costs of the constitution and operation of the same and payment of fees and taxes. You can also spend up to the 15 % of the amount of the cost of providing specific services counseling, education and information related to the activities undertaken.

Charges as programme implementation can be included both for the fixed assets or property, plant and as a current asset ratio (raw materials including), as well as other derivatives upgrading the payment of local franchise, transfer, high costs of supplies, etc. It may also be included in the share of the number of actions or shares of costs during the first three months (rents, canons and supplies including), etc.

If you will not get any service in a single payment, you can request monthly simultaneously the remaining amount to subsidize its contribution to Social security. You can even seek and obtain the total amount to apply them exclusively to subsidize these contributions.

Payment will be paid as Only the amount of benefit, estimated at full days, which will be deducted the amount on the legal interest of the money,(Amounts for this year).