International chamber of the student and the Availability Of Education - Aula 2014

The 22 Th edition of classroom, International Chamber of the student and the Availability Of Education, was held in Madrid of 19 to 23 february 2014 , organized by IFEMA and promoted by the Ministry of education, culture and Sport.

Assuming again as the largest showcase in the education sector in Spain, the chamber represented the main forum for launching of new titles, guidance, promotion of academic courses and offer of services of the educational environment, offering the possibility to know what is being done in the area of education in the autonomous communities, in universities, in other countries... Offering, in sum, a vision of the world of education and training complete and up to date.

This is aimed at students, parents, teachers, counsellors, unemployed in search of further training and all those interested in the world of education, complemented with an attractive programme of technical seminars on the most important issues of the world of education.

Once again had a prominent role for study abroad and language learning, which are also taking on an increasingly important important both in the professional development and in access to the labour market.

On this occasion, the increased participation in the number of enterprises and organizations exhibitors ( 222 ) as of visitors ( 109 . 625 ).

The public employment service Estatal (SEPE) participated once again in the chamber, this time with a stand of 84 m 2 in that the meeting was briefed on the contract for the training and apprenticeships, vocational training, the Dual certificates of professionalism and the observatory of occupations.

As a novelty, the SEPE participated as rapporteur of the forum “ characteristics of the tool on-line to submit to international and advantages jobseekers spaniards ”.