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Franquishop 2016 (Salons Málaga , Madrid and Barcelona )

The public employment service Estatal (SEPE) participated in three lounges FranquiShop held in Spain over 2016 in: Málaga the 9 in june; Madrid the 22 september. Barcelona the 6 october.

It is a fair FranquiShop franchises and entrepreneurs, which aims to facilitate enterprise creation safely and cost-effective under the format of the franchise. This is interviews 30 minutes between franchisee franchisor and in which both have the opportunity to assess the mutual interest without any commitment.

It also gives franchisors entrepreneurs and a virtual meeting place, prior to the trade fair, where they can find all the brands to enable them to make their own quotations for the day of event. this way, both have the opportunity to assess their mutual interest in advance and then customize it, through meetings of half an hour, day of event.

Franquishop 2016 returned to cities in which he had previously been broadly welcomed, as Málaga , Sevilla , Barcelona , Madrid and Zaragoza , and included new enclaves as Valladolid and Murcia . In total, halls brought together over a thousand entrepreneurs and more than 100 brands.

As every year, the fair had clear support for the regional and national entities that make up the fabric of job creation, such as chambers of commerce, the association of young entrepreneurs, spanish franchisers' association and the financial entity Banco Sabadell.

The SEPE was present in the halls of Málaga , Madrid and Barcelona report on the various options offered by the agency's collective of entrepreneurs, such as measures for young entrepreneurship, the various modes of contracts and the single payment of the contributory unemployment benefit. The posts of information in the public employment service State, similar to those of the rest of participating companies, one was allowed various brochures and were equipped with laptop computers for a better explanation to the participants concerned.