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SEEE 2017 - European Chamber of the student and employment

ThePublic employment service Estatal (SEPE)returned to be present, as in previous editions,Europe ’ s Student and employmentorganized by Navarprensa Vasco-Navarro and university with the support of the government of Navarra council Pamplona and the main centres of excellence in the province as sponsors.

The objective of the chamber, held on this occasion during the days 16 and 17 march at the palais des congrès Bulwark of Pamplona was show students university education and vocational training are orientarles and towards employment expendiéndoles job opportunities and entrepreneurship, all this to be competitive and to know to function. Complimented by an attractive program of very practical talks on relevant topics of the world of education.

The event was focused on students, parents, teachers, counsellors, unemployed people in search of further training and all those with concerns in the world of education who want to give new direction to their professional life.

This tenth first edition had a total of 75 exhibitors, including the most prestigious area (university of Navarra Public university, Navarra UNED-, Pamplona University País Vasco , University of Deusto and university of Mondragón) and other university centres at the national level, the presence of the public universities in the Comunidad de Madrid .

In addition, the event was language centres advising on courses, scholarships or overseas travel and training schools in various areas (design, fashion, visual world, hairdressing, hostess and pilots, artistic …) showed that concerned the latest trends in these fields.

Moreover, companies present informed participants on the most demanded today profiles and their needs at that time, and young people were able to deliver your resume.

The SEPE, in your booth permanently cared by Provincial directorate Navarra under the supervision of its Provincial Director, Rafael Hurtado de Mendoza Carrera, informed the visitors on the dual vocational training contracts, certificates of professionalism,Youth GuaranteeandThe sole Portal “ Empléate employment ”.