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Classroom 2018 : International Student and the availability of education

Classroom 2018 ,International chamber of the student and the availability of education, was held in Madrid in the Juan Carlos I, 28 february 4 march 2018 La feria Classroom is part of what is termed theWeek of education, which also celebrate the International Lounge of educational Material, the congress of resources for education, the international and Postgraduate training, and When the meetings between families and schools that are called "Schools Day".

Are already 26 editions of classroom, a show that has been consolidated as the best way to come into contact with all the availability of education, with the presence of themost representative universities, research centres and agencies such as the SEPE (public employment service Estatal), which was also offering all the information of the services provided. Individually attended a total of Classroom 72 . 434 people, who joined the 1 . 600 think tanks that had concluded the visit and that they brought 64 . 757 more assistants.

From the schools that had concluded visit to Classroom 2018 , 41 percent were public, 15 percent reached, and to the 36 per cent private centres. Classroom is a show that offers a very valuable information in determiningwhat is the educational opportunities in the different universitiesthe data, and it confirms that the majority of the attendees were studentssecond.These accounted for 37 percent of the previous booking visits of educational centres. 20 percent were students from high school, the 19 per cent of fourth of THAT; the seven per cent of second vocational training and four per cent of first grade of FP.

The SEPE classroom 2018

On the stand of the public employment service we offer State programme ofYouth Guarantee, which aims to enable young people to be offered employment, education or training after having completed their studies or become unemployed. It also offered theUnique Portal of Employment,Empléate, a space on The Internet with a view to enabling enterprises to offer their job vacancies and to facilitate access to this information to persons who are actively seeking work.Observatory of Occupations(technical unit in the public employment service state analyse the situation and the labour market trends, occupations, communities of interest to the employment and the developments in the same, among other things), was also with lightness and all those who requested information. Finally, we also agreed to provide informationEures, network specializing in finding job offers in all countries of the european Union.