Feria de Training Camins Tarragona 2018

Tarragona heldFeria de Training Camins D 'FP 2018 the past 3 and 4 in may. The meeting was in the Palau Firal and Congresses Tarragona where they met 41 exhibitors who showed the entire educational opportunities in vocational training Tarragona . The Provincial Directorate of Public employment service SEPE of State Tarragona actively participated in the organization of the event as part of the Municipal council of vocational training, a municipal organization which aims to bring together different municipal establishments and supramunicipales, as is the city of Tarragona , Ayuntamiento de Reus, Ayuntamiento de El Vendrell, Ayuntamiento de Valls, Consell Comarcal de la Conca de Barbera, además de la Diputación de Tarragona the department of Education Show de la Generalitat, or the SOC, on programmes of occupation and youth training.

The fair wasopened by the mayor of Tarragona , Josep Félix Ballesteros, in the presence ofoffice Jordi Sierra.

Talks and activities

Planned activities in the fair of vocational training Tarragona emphasizeda series of lectures on FPThe FP: "Industrial" ", The labour insercíón" or "dual Vocational training". There was also a point of contact between young people seeking employment and businesses in pre-selection of qualified professionals, and highlighted the lack of graduates in some sectors where they seldom qualified professionals.

During the two days there was an attendance of nearly more than 1 . 200 people.

The stand of the SEPE was assisted by different people of the Provincial directorate, department of Economic Management, Observatorio de occupations and of active policies, together with the provincial director Francisco Javier Calejero. Also came the provincial director Barcelona ,Victor Santa-bárbarathe provincial director Lérida ,María del Carmen Zapater, and the provincial director of the Instituto Social de la Marina.

The SEPE scored the recognition of the Training Camins 2018 for its workwith the surrender of a certificate by the city of Tarragona .