JOBGraduate 2021 Programs, Interships & Challenges

Day 13 , 14 and 15 april 2021 the public employment service participated in the State I JOBGraduate editing programs, Internships & more Challenges. 5 . 593 candidates 43 nationalities have participated in JobGraduate. Candidates have had the opportunity to gain further insight into the labour market and access to all professional opportunities.

JobGraduate has consolidated itself as a meeting point for both human resources practitioners, and career guidance and the candidates and businesses. During the three days, Human Resources of the participating enterprises have conducted workshops webinars and explaining the benefits that has incorporated to work with them, their selection processes, its values, their professional activity, skills most highly valued and requirements for access to their young talent, offers of employment, graduate programs, extracurricular school practices.

The SEPE, JOBGraduate

The participation of the public service of State Employment were conducted by means of four webinars on job market and how to access their opportunities. The webinars, taught by experts, have the treaty on the labour market, free courses to start work, work in europe with the support of the Eures Network and market access opportunities for working with Youth Guarantee.

In the webinars public employment service attended by more than State 425 candidates and over 300 . 000 impressions in social networks. The participation of the SEPE focused on key give young people that will help them to decide its strategy in the search of employment, employability, market access opportunities for working with youth guarantee, on new strategies to find employment, new professions, advantages of the Eures network, career opportunities in europe and european mobility, among others.