General office financial management

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Assistant Director-General:
D. Jaime Noguerales Wandelmer

(C/ .Condesa de Venadito, 9 - 28027 - Madrid .
Telephone: 91 275 16 03 / 04
Fax 91 585 98 86

At the level of deputy chief executive officers and a direct result of the Director General of the public employment service, State them to this unit the following


a) Make the preparation and follow-up to the administrative contracts and private contracts to be held by the public employment service, as well as the inventory furniture and real estate.

(b) the exercise of functions related to budgetary management, accounting and finance the public employment service.

(c) prepare and make up the preliminary draft budget of revenue and expenditure, proceedings of amending budgets, and follow up implementation of the budget.

(d) Make the management and control of accounting to the implementation of the approved budget, as well as the preparation of annual account of liquidation.

(e) Managing the treasury, making the payment of the exercise of the institutional activity financed with the budget authorized, as well as supervise all accounts with which the agency operates.

(f) Carry Out the financial coordination and management of aid from european funds, ensuring the submission of the justifications of actions carried out, for forms of community intervention for the ownership of the public employment service, as well as monitoring of the union cofinancing.

(g) in connection with the autonomous communities corresponds to this Sub-Department For the exercise of the financial coordination of claims of subsidies managed, distributed annually by the sectoral conference on employment and Labour Affairs, through the application of objective criteria of distribution of the amounts authorized for that purpose, as well as the processing of regulatory económica-administrativa libramientos of funds.

(h) The control and monitoring financiero-presupuestario cooperation agreements concluded by the agency.

(i) Establish the needs of material means and their allocation and distribution.