Comprehensive office Institutional Relations and legal assistance

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Deputy director General:

Dña. María Antonia Agudo Riaza

C/.Condesa of Venadito,9-28027-Madrid.

Telephone: 91 585 97 56

Fax: 91 585 98 19 / 91 585 98 09


With professional level General Office and direct dependence of General manager of the public employment service state, correspond to this unit follows


  1. To perform the functions of unit of support for the General direction.
  2. Ensure the implementation of the powers of public service state employment in areas that require coordination and collaboration with public employment services of the autonomous communities both in terms of coordination between active policies and unemployment benefits, as the annual work programme of the national employment system and with the execution plans of the European strategy for employment, as well as any other measure of cooperation with the same.
  3. Schedule in a coordinated manner, develop, control and monitoring activities of institutional representation of public service jobs state, ensuring collaboration and coordination with the social partners, other administrations or entities, as well as the proper agency presence in institutions and events, both nationally and internationally.
  4. International relations of public service jobs state, as well as its planning and monitoring.
  5. The issuance of legal reports on standards and projects and the coordination of projects of the regulatory agency.
  6. Coordination and legal technical support to the different units of public service state employment, processing and solving legal consultation, as well as safeguarding the proper legal coverage and defend the interests of the body and the legal effectiveness of acts performed.
  7. Inform and provide technical assistance to the General Council and the Central Executive Committee of public employment service state, and the bodies of the national employment system as appropriate.
  8. Coordinate and develop actions and institutional communication channels the public employment service state and in particular the proposal, coordination and monitoring of advertising and publications, as well as the web page of the body.
  9. The Coordination and monitoring of all the collaboration agreements to adhere to the agency.