How do the memory I need to seek payment Only and who I can do?

The memory to seek payment Only consist in the drafting of a project that describe the activity to be performed and which allows treating their economic and financial viability. This memory must include the following sections:

  • Personal data.
  • Activity data to perform, indicating what, town and province where we will develop, legal framework within which is going to perform and start of the same.
  • Capital required total (own, alien and capitalization).
  • Planned distribution of capital.
  • Investment detail.
  • Local data is where the activity.
  • Forecast of income and expenditures and returns to the first exercises.
  • Anticipation on job creation.

The memory can develop following the script that is found in the Web page the public employment service state, called "Template of explanatory report of the project for the single payment or capitalization".

For the realization of the memory can also go to any advice consultancy or private, or any of the services that the different public administrations state, regional or local, available to individuals promoters of new projects of activity.