What is the withdrawal of the application and renouncing the delivery?

With the withdrawal of the benefit application, this is not submitted. May withdraw while the procedure has not finished, i.e. before the Public employment service State (SEPE) resolved by adopting, denying or archiving your request for the benefit.

May submit the withdrawal the request via the Electronic Site, si dispone de certificado digital, o presencialmente en la oficina de prestaciones, solicitando cita previa por phone or via the Electronic headquarters..

The withdrawal of the application will be resolved favourably by the SEPE after checking that the application is not resolved. Next to the resolution, you may also return the documentation provided with the application.

You may only submit resignation to a benefit already approved and represents the extinction of such provision. Would not be allowed resignation if it had been initiated a process of suspension of the provision for any reason, if on such provision applies a withholding judicial or embargo, or if you had undue collection with the SEPE.