What is the discontinuance of the request and waiver provision?

With the discontinuance of the request of the provision, it is not submitted. May discontinue the proceedings while not concluded, i.e. before the Public employment service Estatal (SEPE) resolved by adopting, refusing or archiving its request for the provision.

May submit withdrawalthe application via the Electronic, if you have a digital certificate, or in person in the office of benefits, by requesting telephoneor Electronic.

The discontinuance of the application shall be processed the SEPE after checking that the request has not been settled. Next to the resolution, it may also return his presentations to the request.

You can only submit waivera provision already approved and is the extinction of the benefit would be No waiver if it had initiated a process of the suspension of the provision for any reason, this service if on a judicial confinement or attachment, or if inappropriate charges with the SEPE.