I recognize unemployment late, can I claim default interest to public service state employment?

If the administration does not pay within three months following the date of notification of the judgment or the recognition of the obligation, you will have to pay the amount due on the legal interest of money set by the law of budgets.

Written claim must after a period of three months.

However, in the case of public service state employment (SEPE), the delay may occur in the recognition of the delivery, but the payment, once recognized, it occurs within the next month, therefore, are not eligible determined by law for the application of interests of delay.

The causes of the delay in the recognition (what is known as delay) tend to be beyond the control of the SEPE. Are usually caused because it is necessary to correct or improve the application, by the lack of documentation and the delay in answering by the applicant or the need for reports to solve this request (for example, labour inspection or the National Institute of Social security).

All these circumstances may delay the resolution approving unemployment benefit, but never atrasarán payment when the resolution has been issued.