Why can suspend causes unemployment?

Their unemployment benefit shall be suspended for some of the following:

  • During the period, as appropriate, for having been disciplined or punished in committing minor offences or serious.
  • During maternity or paternity leave.
  • While serving sentence involving deprivation of liberty, except if you have family responsibilities and does not have any family income levels of which exceeds the the national minimum wage..
  • Work while employment lasted less than twelve months.
  • As a self-employment of less than 60 months, provided that in this case, discharge to the special regime of Social security for self-employed or self-employed or in the special regime of Social security of workers of the sea.
  • If the self-employment has been below 24 indifferent, that have signed up as individual self-employed woman within any of the Social security regimes.
  • When to continue to serve or did not provide for the will of the company, in cases where a judgement was not appropriate to declare or dismissal invalidity and the employer or she chooses to reinstatement and lodge any appeal, for the duration of the remedial process which was suspended. Also in case it is working person who chooses to readmission and bringing the appeal.
  • Upon its transfer of residence abroad to look for or conduct of work, professional improvement or international cooperation, for a continuous period of less than twelve months, always to communicate the output to the public employment service and the State's authorization.
  • When you leave abroad for a period, continued or not, of up to 90 calendar days at the most during each calendar year, as previously communicated public employment service, state and this permission. In these cases its unemployment compensation is cut. Once the case of suspension, may to request the resumption of executionsexcept where the stay is a consequence of a penalty. In this case, the provision will be resumed ex officio by the public employment service, provided that once the period of suspension, is registered or register as a jobseeker, if not, the resumption of the provision would require its prior submission to the public employment service justifying the State registration.