Its unemployment benefit is suspended by one of the following:

  • During the period that corresponds to have been punished by committing minor offences or serious.
  • During the situation maternity or paternity.
  • While serving a sentence involving deprivation of liberty, except if you have family responsibilities and does not have any household incomes exceeding the minimum wage.
  • While undertake a salaried work shorter than twelve months.
  • While undertake a self-employment of less than 60 months, provided that in this case, discharge in the special regime of Social security of self-employed or self-employed or in the special regime of Social security of workers from the sea.
  • If self-employment has been less than 24 months, remain indifferent that has been discharged as a person employed woman within any of the Social security schemes.
  • When continue services or not the given by the will of the company, in cases where a court finds the inappropriateness or invalidity of dismissal and the businessman or the entrepreneur chooses its readmission and filed a remedy for the duration of the processing of the resort. Also suspended in the event that is the worker who chooses the readmission and filed the appeal.
  • When moved from residence abroad to search or execution of work, professional improvement or international cooperation, for a continuous period less than twelve months, provided that the output to the public employment service state, and this is the permits.
  • When you go abroad for a period, continued or not, for up to 90 calendar days maximum during each calendar year, whenever you communicate prior to the public employment service state and this permission. In these cases their unemployment benefit is interrupted. Once the cause of suspension, may request your resumptionunless the suspension is the result of a penalty. In such a case, the delivery will resume automatically by the Public employment service State, provided that after the period of suspension, is registered or registered as a jobseeker, if not, the resumption of the delivery will require its upon presentation to the Public employment service registration justifying the State.