While you are receiving unemployment benefit, the entry of the Social security contributions is done by the public employment service State (SEPE). It assumes input, you must business and the amount of the delivery 100 % share.

If you have agreed to the provision for the termination of your employment contract, is expected to contribute to Social security for common contingencies: retirement, permanent disability, death and survival, temporary incapacity, protection to the family and healthcare. No unemployment cotizará, work-related accidents and occupational disease, Wage Guarantee fund and vocational training.

The contribution base to Social security of unemployment benefit will be the same as the regulatory base of this, regardless of the ceilings that apply to the monthly level of such provision.

If a person is employed worker fixed or fixed agrarian discontinuous, the SEPE takes charge of 73 , 50 % of the input to Social security that corresponds to you, so that you are not included in the delivery.

If resumed the delivery after having stopped or opts for a new benefit that may have been generated, databases are the quotation of the benefit that resumed or those of the new, respectively.