May I resume unemployment between short-term contracts? Would it be better to accumulate periods for a new provision?

When a contract of less than a year and its contributory benefit would not be exhausted, it could only receivein the same, which will involve the right to receive the allowance for the time period and bottom-up and ceilings, as appropriate, at the time of suspension.

The contributions made by his last work do not affect the duration of the provision that has recognized, but it could be taken into account to access to a later.

I will not be entitled to a new unemployment benefit until the termination of the provision, among other causes, because your work or employment of at least 360 days.

Therefore, if you wish to request an unemployment benefit new, it will be necessary for since the breakdown of the provision, you have completed work on a continuous or interrupted, for an employer, duration equal to or more than twelve months, but provided that it has not requested resumed her benefits between the contract and contract.

The decision on resume or earning periods will depend on their personal and family circumstances. Should take into account the time to draw benefits suspended, how much it will take to start working again, the duration of the future contract and the comparison between the amount paid by current provision and that would be entitled to for a new one.