Collection provision/unemployment financial benefit, do i have to suspend them if i make work included in the agricultural capacity of the Special Social security?

Should inform situations incompatible with the contributory benefit or unemployment allowance: agricultural activities, self-employment activities, as well as the income derived from such activities, in the case of the grant.

However, there are certain features, with regard to the agricultural works, as high in the work of the Special System Agriculture (SEASS):

  • If there are in types of permanent contracts, will lead to the low in the provision.
  • If there are in different types of contracts, if any, shall be regularization by her office of benefits on the basis of the information received from the treasury of Social security, so, the following month of the realization of these courses you will see its provision regularized according to the total number of journeys, combined with the proportional share of breaks and holidays (applies a multiplier of 1 , 337 on each time worked).

The outcome of that regularization charges are generated to be offset later on the payroll, and in the case to be exhausted the provision will be claimed in the adoption procedure.

If it transpires that when i pay the month following days as a possible, does not include the charges that are mentioned above, should go to your office, with benefits request for quotationor call “ telephone, to report the agricultural works made.