DO YOU Draw unemployment since the day it stopped work or i have to wait until the end of unused holidays or to be high if i am on sick leave?

You cannot charge unemployment during the period of unused holidays or sick still don't already located in legal status of unemployment, which is a prerequisite for entitlement to unemployment benefit.

The legal situation of unemployment is produced, in the first case, after consulting the holiday period that you haven't enjoyed and that the company has paid in the liquidation or discharge, period during which remains compulsory Social insurance payments.

If you encounter of temporary incapacity or for the birth of a son or daughter, and for that situation to an end your contract of employment, the legal situation of unemployment will occur once any of these situations, and will be from this point that you can receive contributory benefit, provided that meeting the requirements.

During this period, you will have an economic benefit of temporary disability or for the birth of a son or daughter, managed by the National Social security institute.

On the assumption that the temporary incapacity for common contingencies, at the end of this situation and become a beneficiary or beneficiaries of unemployment benefit, will be deducted from the benefit period, as already taken, the number of days between the following day at the end of the contract and the date for completion of the incapacity. The public employment service cotizará State for the period that is deducted.

However, will not be discounted if temporary disability is caused by an industrial accident or occupational disease.

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