I temporary incapacity

If the contract expires while you are of incapacity temporary, will receive the economic benefit of temporary incapacity until the date of high medical, but will receive the amount corresponding to unemployment benefit.

Since receives the high, has a period of 15 working days to apply for the benefit.

The period of temporary incapacity, while the contract has been in force, takes into account as occupation period quoted for accessing unemployment benefits.

  • If the inability for common contingencies and has a provision of contributory level (quoted by having 360 days or more), the time that runs from the end of the employment relationship until the medical discharge will be deducted from the duration of the delivery. The public employment service State (SEPE) this period also cotizará for common contingencies, including retirement, until the end of the unemployment benefit.
  • If the inability for professionals and contingencies assigned a provision of contributory level or a provision of care level or subsidy, the time between the end of the contract and the medical discharge is not subtracted from the delivery, nor the SEPE quoted by this period.

I worked for more than one year

I have worked at least one year