Previous appointment must seek to submit the request in public service state employment (SEPE). Previously, must prove to the public employment service autonomic his office actions active job search (BAE).

The unemployment allowance, regulated in the consolidated text of the General law of Social security (TRLGSS), will be accessible people in total unemployment found in any of the following situations:

  1. Have extinguished in last place by exhaustion any of unemployment benefits under Article 274 of TRLGSS from 05/07/2018 and those who have exhausted between 01/03/2018 and 04/07/2018 .

  2. Are long-term unemployed workers who have exhausted unemployment benefits, prepares, or RAI and be registered as a jobseeker the 01/05/2018 . (Stop Is considered person of long duration has been registered as a jobseeker during at least 360 days in the eighteen months immediately preceding the date of the application of special subsidy).


May be benefiting those specified in subparagraphs (a) and (b) above, submit the request for initial high special grant from the day 05/07/2018 and within the duration of the same, registered as a jobseeker in public employment services that, in the date of request, credited the fulfilment of the following requirements:

General requirements:

  • Lack the right to protection by unemployment contributory or level of care.
  • No tener cumplida la edad que le permita acceder a la pensión de jubilación, en sus modalidades contributiva o no contributiva.
  • No incomes , of any nature, higher in the monthly computation 75 percent of the minimum wage (SMI), excluding the share of two extra pay (Amounts for this year) and certify family responsibilities .
  • Have ceased involuntarily in the last work done in the case of having worked after the exhaustion of the last right.
  • Not have noticed previously economic aid of accompaniment established in the agenda of Activation for employment (PAE).
  • In the date of your request, not be working employed part-time or not have suspended their employment contract.
  • Not having been previously beneficiary special allowance for unemployment.

Specific requirements of the collective that has exhausted unemployment benefit from 01/03/2018

Having been registered or registered as a jobseeker during the waiting period of one month since the depletion of previous subsidy, without having rejected job offer adequately or refusing to participate, except justified cause, in promotional activities, training or retraining professionals, and demonstrate that during this term actions have been made active job search.

Are not included in this group of persons who have extinguished by exhaustion the following benefits:

  • The JSA older workers 52 years for having reached the age that allows them to access the contributory pension benefits.
  • Unemployment benefit or agricultural income, for people casual workers included in the Agricultural Special System of Social security.
  • Programs of income (RAI) or programmes PRODI insertion or PREPARES.

Specific requirements of the collective of long-term unemployed

  1. Having extinguished by exhaustion any of the following benefits:

    • Unemployment benefit or unemployment benefit
    • Economic aid linked to:
      • Program of income (RAI)
      • Temporary protection programme for unemployment and insertion (PRODI)
      • Refresher training programme of people who exhaust their unemployment protection (PREPARES).
  2. Having been registered or registered as a jobseeker during at least 360 days 18 months prior to the date of the application of the grant extraordinary.

  3. Be registered or registered as a jobseeker to date 1 May 2018 . This requirement will be satisfied where the worker, although not registered as a jobseeker on that date, has suspended the registration due to the realization of a salaried job, provided that the duration of the contract has been by time below 90 days.

  4. Show that during the month prior to the date of application has made active job search.

  5. Have ceased involuntarily working in a previously employed to depletion of the Last right recognized.

You can get more information on phones of attention to citizenship.

Duration and amount

The maximum length of the grant will be 180 days and cannot be seen in more than one occasion.

The amount of the grant is equal to 80 % of income public indicator of multiple effects (IPREM) applicable in each moment. (Amounts for this year)

The periodic payment of economic assistance shall be by Public service State employment within one month of the corresponding payment by instalments of 30 days between the days 10 and 15 immediate next month at which the accrual. It will be, exceptions , through the payment in the account of the financial institution that specify, whenever you're holder of the same.

The worker may bring the perception of special subsidy with employment part-time, provided that continue fulfilling the requirements of lack of income and family responsibilities, in which case will be deducted from the amount of the allowance Part proportional to the working time.

Documentation required

For accessing the allowance will submit the following documentation:

  • Official application model that includes the commitment of activity.
  • Identification of the applicant and the sons or daughters who live or are responsible and contained in the application (it is sufficient to the display of documents):
    • Spanish citizens: National identity document (DNI) or passport.
    • Foreign and foreigners resident in Spain:
      • Nationals of the European Union: Certificate of registration of citizen of the European Union contains the NIE, together with the passport or identity document in their country of origin.
      • Non-nationals of the European Union: Identity card from foreigner (TIE) and the passport.
  • Any bank document containing the account number that is holder and where you want to receive the benefit.
  • Family Book or certification of the Civil Registry of birth or family. In the case of foreigners, a document equivalent to those mentioned above, with an official translation into Spanish.
  • If claims as loading older children 26 years disabled, must provide a certificate of disability and the degree recognized issued by the INSS, by the IMSERSO or by the competent authority of the autonomous community.
  • On the assumption that the managing body so requires, must present proof of income.

When, how and where he tramito

  1. In the case of collective that has exhausted unemployment benefit from 05/07/2018 - 15 days of enforcing waiting a month since the depletion of the grant earlier. The right to special allowance is born from the day following that in compliance with this waiting period. if the application is filed after the deadline mentioned, the right is obtained from the day following the application, reducing its duration in as many days as mediate between the date on which occurred entitlement, if requested in time and form and that actually had made the request.

    Exceptionally, if allowance has exhausted between 01/03/2018 and 04/07/2018 the application must be submitted between 05/07/2018 and 04/09/2018 after having been inscribed or continuously registered as a jobseeker during the waiting period of one month from the date the depletion of previous grant and subsidy extraordinary. The right to grant will lead to a special day after application. If the application is filed after this date will reduce the duration of the right in as many days as mediate between the completion of this time and date actually had made the request.

    If the date of application was not accredited to public employment services actively seeking employment, the application will be refused, without prejudice to the right to formulate a new. In this case, the right will be born the day after the new application, without the duration of the right may be reduced by the time that elapses between one and another application.

  2. En el supuesto del colectivo de parados de larga duración inscrito el 01 May 2018 there is no deadline. The application is may submit from have proven that in the month preceding the application actions have been made active job search. The right to grant will be born the day following the application.

    The active pursuit of employment will be credited by the applicant special subsidy to the public employment service autonomic room in which is registered as a jobseeker.

    The request may submit via:

    • In the office of benefits (after obtaining in the previous appointment electronic site the SEPE or by phone.
    • In any public registry office.
    • By mail administrative.

Obligations, infringements and sanctions.