He is the victim of gender violence, the woman who is or has been subjected to violence physical or psychological, assaults on sexual freedom, threats, coercion or deprivation of liberty exerted by her husband, former spouse, cohabitee or former partner, while they had lived.

Is a victim of domestic violence, the man who suffers violence by their spouse, former spouse, partner or former partner, parents or children and women who suffers violence by their parents or children.

Apply the temporary suspension of your working relationship with reservation of job or extinction final.

Introducing in your company a protection order judicial or prosecutorial report indicating the existence of signs that you're being gender violence.

Both the suspension and termination shall be considered an involuntary unemployment situation, which allows you to request and receive contributory benefit or subsidy by insufficient quotation, provided that gather the rest of requirements in general.

If after having received unemployment benefit you apply for the final extinguishing of your working relationship for the same reason or to complete your working relationship by any other cause unrelated to your will, this suspension period is considered of occupation quoted for the recognition of a new law that does not take into account the perceived in the provision earlier.

The period for which you can apply for the temporary suspension of your working relationship with reservation of job is 6 months, podent renew it for periods of 3 months until reaching the 18 whenever the judicial authority credited the need to maintain the suspension to guarantee your safety and security.

Is an effective contribution period for retirement, permanent disability, death or survival, maternity and unemployment.

Si eres víctima de violencia de género o doméstica puedes acceder al programa de Renta Activa de Inserción de apoyo a la integración laboral de colectivos con especiales dificultades para incorporarse al mercado de trabajo y en situación de necesidad económica.

Involves the payment of a monthly income and extra aid in certain situations.

Is managed by the public employment service State (SEPE) with the collaboration of public employment services of the autonomous communities.