Room for employment in Francophone Barcelona and Madrid

23 and 30 May 2019

The Lounge of employment, training and francophone entrepreneurship created in Barcelona in 2013 by the non-profit association “ union of the French abroad ” (UFE), offers the possibility to the Francophone found in a same space several interlocutors that can be useful in his career. So they can meet with recruiters, learn with institutions on the different types of training, and to be advised by experts to facilitate their integration into the labour market in Spain or create your own company.

The Lounge Francophone employment is started for the first time in Barcelona in 2015 and Madrid in 2017 when the public employment service State (SEPE) began its participation in both Barcelona as Madrid In. 2019 the SEPE participated in the edition of Barcelona the day 23 in May L ’ IDEM on the street Ciutat de Granada 53 - 57 of Barcelona and 30 de mayo en la Parroquia de Saint des Louis des Français de la calle Padilla 9 of Madrid .

As regards the participation of SEPE, Barcelona was represented by the staff of the Provincial direction Barcelona and the management technique of autonomous bodies, head of section of training for employment and coordinator of the observatory of occupations of SEPE, Å Begoña of Val. Madrid for its part, in addition to the specialized personnel in the topics, with the National Coordinator of EURES Spain, José Å Arias.

Both Madrid as Barcelona , the SEPE provided information about its services and especially Single Portal Empleo-empléate, Occupations observatory, Network of employment in Europa, EURES or employment support measures for researchers.

Photo gallery the halls of employment for in Francophone Barcelona and Madrid