Cuts and bonuses for reconciling Personal life, work and family

Replacement contracts to replace those workers during periods of maternity leave, adoption, foster care, paternity or risk during pregnancy or breastfeeding

Enrolled as a jobseeker.

Bonus 100 per cent of the company quota as professionals including contingencies and joint fund-raising (both of the worker replaced as acting of recruited).

Duration: as long as the replacement.


Decreto-ley Real 11 / 1998 , 4 september, establishing the Social security contributions of replacement contracts held with unemployed persons to replace workers during periods of maternity, adoption and placement.

Law 12 / 2001 , 9 july, urgent measures to reform the labour market in increasing employment and improving its quality.

Replacement contracts to replace workers victims of gender violence and victims of sexual violence who have suspended their contract to exercise their right to geographical mobility or change of place of work

Bonus 100 per cent of the company quota to Social security for common contingencies.

Duration: as long as the replacement. In the case for geographic mobility or change of workplace the maximum duration is 6 months.


Organization Act 10 / 2022 , 6 september, from comprehensive guarantee of sexual freedom.

Organization Act 1 / 2004 , 28 in december on comprehensive protection measures against gender violence.

Financing of the European Social Fund

Bonuses of contributions to Social security described can be cofinanced by the european Social fund.

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