I have shorter working hours for reasons of legal guardianship. Can my company to join me in making a collective dismissal (RIT) or temporary measures (ERTE)?

All persons working in the company, regardless of their working day, may be included in a procedure.

However, if your time is for reasons of legal guardianship (direct care of minors 12 years or person with disabilities who do not perform paid activity), for the calculation of thebase figure, the foundations of price will be awardedincreased until 100 percentof the amount that have been entitled to if it had been maintained, with no reduction, full-time work or employment. And if the legal situation of unemployment is still in such a situation of reduced working hours the maximum and minimum amounts will be determined taking into account theindicator in terms of hours worked before reduced working hours.

Exampleperson: full-time worker that reduces working hours for care of a child under 12 years 50 % during the year preceding the start of the suspension of the contract of employment regulation procedure for temporary employment. The basis of Past 6 months 1 . 000 , 00 eur/month.
In that case, will be paid the delivery considering a monthly contribution of 2 . 000 euros, and the amount shall be without any reduction percentage, given that before the time for reasons of legal guardianship the person she was working to 100 per cent of the day.

More information on unemployment benefits for procedures in employment regulations: “I have been affected or a RIT ERTE”.