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Will I receive unemployment or subsidy when I leave a public or union position?

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Yes, people who hold senior positions in public administrations who are not civil servants and have full-time employment and those who hold representative positions in unions, with full-time or partial time and perform management functions, are always included in unemployment protection. that some and others receive remuneration.

If you are a senior official in the administrations, you will not have the right to unemployment protection if, as a result of the dismissal, you could receive remuneration, compensation or any type of compensatory benefit.

However, if you had an employment relationship as an employee when you were elected, the performance of the position implies forced leave from said employment relationship with the right to re-employment and reservation of position. If at the end of the mandate, re-entry cannot be carried out due to the disappearance of the company, due to business refusal with a declaration of dismissal or for other reasons, you will have the right to unemployment benefit, taking into account the contributions generated, including the previous ones. to the situation of forced leave, which will be considered a situation assimilated to discharge.

If you are a beneficiary of unemployment benefits and the performance of public or union office involves exclusive dedication, the benefit will be suspended. Once the term has ended, you will be able to choose between resuming said benefit or receiving a new one if you have met a sufficient contribution period.