DO Cobraré unemployment allowance or after the termination of a public office or trade union?

Yes, are included in the unemployment protection persons occupying senior positions in public administrations which are not staff members or staff members and have full-time judges and the representative positions in trade unions on a full or in part to play leadership roles, provided that everyone receive salaries.

If you are a high office of administration, they will not have the right to protection by unemployment if, as a result of the cessation, could receive salaries, emoluments or any type of provision.

However, whether it had a labour relationship employment when he was elected or chosen, the performance of the office included redundancy payment in the employment relationship with the right to re-entry and reserve position. If the end of the mandate, the return cannot be carried out by disappearance of the enterprise, by refusal of business with the statement of dismissal or through other means, shall be entitled to unemployment benefit, taking into account the contributions raised, including prior to the situation of redundancy payment, which shall be a high status to the situation.

If you are recipients of unemployment benefits and performance of public office or trade union implies full-time delivery is suspended. Ended mandate, you can choose from to resume the provision or receive a new in the case of a sufficient period of contribution.